Episode 133: A Tumblr Full of Feels


All good things come to an end. So do bad things. In fact, so do all things, which naturally include both good and bad things.

You know, that got away from us. Let’s start over.

This is it: the final episode of WhatTheCast. And it only took us two and a half months to record it! So we’re going out like we lived: delayed and kind of befuddled about what we’re doing.

We did pull it together enough to talk about how much Crispy and Patrick haaaaaated The Hobbit. Wait until you hear what other movie Patrick compared it to. We’ll give you a hint: it starred a much-hated character whose name ended in “Jar-Jar Binks”. It was cold when we recorded this, what with the Polar Vortex sucking all the hockey out of Canada and dumping it in our yards, but we had no idea what would hit Atlanta this week. You can listen to our episode and remember when cold weather didn’t completely destroy Atlanta’s ability to function.

In TV news, we’re stuck over in Britain, what with all the discussion of Doctor Capaldi and Sherlock Who. We stop hating on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., mostly because Crispy’s moved on from hate-watching it to hate-watching Glee. Stephen finally watched Almost Human, and found it almost good.

There’s lots of convention news, Brian only talks about TSA once, we reference Big-League Chew (from way back in Episode mumbledy-mumble, true believers), and we learn that all we needed to do to get mail was stop podcasting.

It’s been an amazing seven years, and we’re so glad you came along with us for the ride. We’ve loved this show, and are proud that it far outlasted the Zune.

Episode 132: The Penultimate Episode


After some seven years of podcasting, we’re hanging it up. But we didn’t want to fade away, so we’re announcing it on this episode and having one last episode that will be nothing but us sobbing sadly on air.

But before that, we’ve got Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to bang on, because it’s deadly dull and getting duller, like a penny left out in the rain. At least we have the Winter Soldier trailer to make us feel better, even if it proves that S.H.I.E.L.D. shouldn’t use any vehicle that ever leaves the ground. They need an Indestructotank. Also Thor is coming out. We only hope that Hiddleston does his Owen Wilson impression for the entire movie.

Even if Marvel’s Agents of Blah Blah Blah is boring, Arrow is knocking it out of the park, and Patrick and Stephen are in love with Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Somehow Chris Hardwick found time for another show, although @Midnight is a standalone show. Crispy likes The Crazy Ones, and Sleepy Hollow is actually interesting and also ridiculous.

If you’re more of a videogame person, how about Tiny Death Star. There’s a new Batman game, GTA V, and Telltale Games is doing a game based on the comic Fables.

We’ve got one more episode to go. Got thoughts about what we should do for our final episode? Drop us a line.

Episode 131: Live From Dragon Con 2013


Despite both Stephen and Crispy having voice issues, and Patrick not being at con this year, we soldiered on! Because how else would you learn some very important things, like:

● Stephen has psychic powers where Ben Affleck is concerned.
● We gave out meth candy.
● Our DCTV logo was cosplayed.
● Speaking of cosplay, Crispy’s friends cosplayed the Marriott carpet.
● Bob and Carl can’t not think of the Mega Man theme.
● Crispy experienced Dragon Con Rockin’ New Year’s Eve.
● Stephen got Grumpy Catted.
● We all love Sylvester McCoy.
Don’t Google “dolphin sex lives”.

Be sure to stay all the way to the end for Crispy’s surprise announcement.

Episode 130: My Jaeger Name is Overdue Podcast


So, yeah, it was another month and a half between episodes. But what a month-and-a-half it’s been! Stephen visited the Mouse, and then was between jobs for three weeks, which meant he got to watch a lot of movies and play a lot of videogames. Crispy and Brian are getting ready for Dragon*Con, which is less than a month away (panic!), so are busy herding cats.

As you might imagine, Pacific Rim was a big topic of conversation. We all enjoyed watching giant robots pound the crap out of giant monsters, though we’re not sure why they have big “punch me here!” things in their chests. Also, Jaegers like Gipsy Danger and Cherno Alpha are good and all, but won’t you think of the lesser-known fourth-string Jaegers?

Crispy saw Wolverine so you don’t have to. Spoilers: Peter Dinklage shows up as Trask, inventor of the Sentinels.

Stephen mainlined all of Orphan Black, which has six amazing performances by actor Tatiana Maslany. Crispy and Stephen both enjoyed this season of Venture Brothers; shame Brian hasn’t watched it yet. In fact, you should write in and help us shame him. Because that’s what being a geek is all about. Oh, and Crispy’s watching Under the Dome, and despite that fact, the show hasn’t been cancelled yet.

Crispy’s finally starting Dishonored, which Stephen’s finally finished. Stephen has started Borderlands 2, though, so his play-only-old-games streak continues! Crispy also plays new stuff, like the new Shadowrun Returns.

In final thoughts, Crispy recommends a remix of the Final Fantasy 6 score. Brian recommends another podcast (WHAT??), How Did This Get Made, which looks at a different bad movie every week. In retaliation Stephen recommends a different bad movie podcast, The Flophouse. You should also check out Monster of the Week, the web comic that’s recapping every single X-Files episode ever. It’s recently covered the episode Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose, and it’s brilliant.

That should do it for this episode. Phew, that was a lot of work. See you in a few months!

Episode 129: Stephen Didn’t Post This Before Disney World


We didn’t mean to be gone so long, honest. It just…kind of happened. Look, it’s not you, it’s us. We’ve been off doing other things that aren’t nearly as fun as talking to you, but you know how it is when you get wrapped up–

Hey, hey, don’t cry! It’s okay! What if I told you that we saw Star Trek Into Darkness and only 16/19ths of us hated it? Rob Bricken did a good job of talking about its plot holes but we went further. Who else would kvetch about how they used gravity?

Oh! Oh! Then there’s Iron Man 3! 37/39ths of us hated that one, though we were kind of divided on how the movie dealt with the Mandarin. If only that movie had ended like this. We did love Fast & Furious 6, though. What other movie has a title that’s so honest and on-the-nose?

Doctor Who is also part of the marinade of hate we evidently were all soaking in during our hiatus. Stephen agrees with Charlie Jane Anders’s take on Moffat’s run as showrunner. At least the Red Wedding on Game of Thrones delivered all the delicious reactions you could hope for. (For more where that came from, check out @RedWeddingTears on Twitter.) The best reaction, though, came from GoT actress Maisie Williams herself.

Speaking of things we actually liked, Crispy’s excited about a Fables movie, Brian likes the Twivo app, and Patrick’s really been enjoying The Rook, by Daniel O’Malley. Futurama and Warehouse 13 have both taken it in the neck, and Crispy’s beloved Zero Hour will shortly be done. At least Community coming back, with Harmon once again in the driver’s seat.

While we were away, Stephen and Brian snuck off to be on other people’s podcasts. Brian was on Dan Carroll’s “Seriously Dan” podcast and on Earth Station One. Stephen will be on a future episode of the Libation Liberation Front.

That’s not enough? There’s also a discussion of the PopeHat blog and our favorite Jewel Staite GIF ever.

So relax. We’re back, and we’re never going to leave again. Most probably definitely.

Episode 128: Take That, Geek Culture


Crispy could only stay for part of this podcast, which may be why Stephen felt free to claim that geek culture isn’t really a thing. On the plus side, though, it leads Patrick to recommend the documentary Merchants of Cool, which you can watch online. Thanks, PBS!

There’s also a lot of videogame news all through the podcast. We remember Lucasarts, which Disney is shutting down, though our elegy isn’t as good as Tim Schafer’s. Speaking of Tim Schafer, his company has released information about their Kickstarted (Kickstartered?) adventure game, Broken Age. Patrick’s not down with these new-fangled games, though; he’s busy playing Nintendo games like Super Mario Brothers 3 and the truly terrible game Jaws. Not even Average Shark approves of the Jaws game.

In TV news, the 100th episode of Castle was fun, Arrested Development is almost here, and fuckin’ Game of Thrones is back, so be sure to check out this Game of Thrones infographic so you know who’s who.

Finally, we’re sad to note that Roger Ebert has died, and cancer’s going to kill awesome SF writer Iain M. Banks in a few months. If you’ve not read Banks’s stuff, try Player of Games or Use of Weapons.

Episode 127: Crispy Kills TV Shows


He doesn’t mean to, honest. Crispy’s just one of those guys who showrunners don’t want watching their shows because he kills them stone dead.

The latest exhibit: Zero Hour. Not even spelling its title as “Zer0 H0ur” or casting Dr. Mark Greene could save it. Fortunately, there are other shows out there, like Vikings on the History Channel, or Six Degrees of The Following. The new Iron Man 3 trailer looks good; the Robosapien one does not.

In technology we talk about how Patrick thinks he may just want a dumb phone. You’ll definitely think differently about your smart phone if you watch the short film Valibration. Also: BORG RATS. (Spoilers: they are not actually Borg rats.)

And like all gamers everywhere we complain about Sim City: DRM Edition. Stephen’s addicted to Pixel People (pity him), and Crispy’s working his way through the new Tomb Raider. Patrick’s excited about Who’s Line Is It Anyway? reboot with Aisha Tyler. And on a different, more serious podcast, Stephen talked about science, religion, and skepticism on The Secret Lair.

Episode 126: Bad PS4 Predictions


We recorded this the day before Sony held its press conference announcing the PS4, so of course we had to make terrible, off-base predictions that would be proven wrong before we posted this episode. Instead of predicting, it’s like we’re postdicting, only badly!

There’s more to the episode than that, dear listener! We’ve got cons like Science Online and MomoCon to talk about, and how attendees get their own personal lemur. There’s a meteor that almost hit Russia (with great car dashboard cam video to boot), and it turns out that the ISS can’t upgrade its computers any better than Microsoft can.

Brian, Crispy and Stephen have also been watching older movies, including Boy Wonder, Lockout (aka “Escape From Space New York”), and Battle Royale. Everything old is new again as Stephen finally plays Bulletstorm and Crispy warns us that Tamagotchi is coming back. Doctor Whooves is a real My Little Pony now, so thanks, Internet! TV slaughter continues, as NBC axes Do No Harm after only two episodes. NBC isn’t daunted, though: they’re doing a series about Hannibal Lecter, and SyFy is set to adapt The Man in the High Castle, which should go just swimmingly.

By the way, would you like to see a crazy cute angry squeaky frog? Sure, you would!

Episode 125: Patrick versus Patrick


We got ourselves a stunt Patrick! Super-producer Pattycakes from The Sci-Fi Janitors joins us and pretty soon is arguing with our Patrick about whether or not J.J. Abrams’s Star Trek reboot is really a Star Trek movie. You know, like geeks do. The gist of it is that Patrick hates fun.

We spend some time talking about TV. Fringe, which started life as a monster-of-the-week show with no mythology, has ended, and Crispy and Stephen make the case for everyone going back and watching it. (It doesn’t hurt that Jasika Nicole and John Noble from Fringe are attending Dragon*Con.) Community is coming back, and rumor has it that the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode will have all the doctors in it (sadly, not true, as we found out after we recorded this episode).

In videogame news, Patrick is addicted to FTL: Faster Than Light, Crispy is excited about Double Fine’s game The Cave, and Stephen is finally playing Arkham City. Wizards of the Coast is making all of the old D&D books available as low-cost PDFs, Patrick is curious about the new Facebook graph search, and Stephen loves reading scienctific concepts explained using only the 1.000 most common words in the English language.

Episode 124: South of the Border Con


Welcome to South of the Border Con 2013! We hope you enjoy your experience at America’s finest science fiction convention that’s held in an out-of-the-way tourist trap and that is held in 2013! We have a lot planned for you, from talking about some of the 77 science fiction and fantasy movies that are coming out in 2013 to TV shows you might enjoy. And, really, who isn’t excited about Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters?

Up in the Sombrero Tower you’ll enjoy a fine view of the empty North and South Carolina landscape. It will also give you the opportunity to reflect on other conventions that you may attend once South of the Border Con ends. We hear that our smaller sister convention Dragon*Con has a new website, and that Con co-founder Stephen will be attending Science Online 2013. Crispy, another of our co-founders, will not be attending Chattacon or Con Nooga because he will be too busy recovering from the Reptile Lagoon convention masquerade and snake bites.

If you’re more the introverted type and want to spend some time in your room in the South of the Border Motor Inn, why not relax with some video games? We have all of the latest games, from Borderlands 1 to that Walking Dead series that everyone is excited about. (Sorry, we don’t yet have Steam boxes in all of the guest rooms. We definitely will next year, maybe!) You’ll also find a complimentary copy of The Unincorporated Man in your nightstand along with the standard Gideon Atlas Shrugged.

Speaking of gaming, make sure to check out our Robot Combat League and RPG fans are sure to have a blast with the Fate Kickstarter.

Have a great time at South of the Border Con 2013, and Pedro can’t wait to see you back next year!