Episode 52: Monkeys!


In this episode we talk about monkeys, the Rick Roll, REPO: The Genetic Opera, The Abyss, monkeys, 4chan, television, Dubshack’s mind, Amanda Palmer’s belly, Stephen’s pants, monkeys and anything else that may be on our minds. Show notes might help, and they’re hiding below the break.

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Episode 52 Show Notes

Georgia & Thailand are strange political bedfellows

Thailand’s airport protests make Stephen think of shipping himself rather than flying. Brian points out that a radio DJ tried this once.

How has 4chan changed your life?

  • LOLcats, Anonymous & the Rick Roll
  • Patrick makes some strange monkey analogies here
  • Listener Feedback: how do internet memes compare to the works of Shakespeare? Let us know – feedback@whatthecast.com

TV/Movie quick rundown?

  • Klaatu is an ass, and Keanu isn’t the robot
  • Pushing Daisies is dead; Knight Rider still lives
  • Wil Wheaton on Heroes? Not really, but Twitter made a connection.
  • Tr2n is now to be called TRZ, and Crispy tests Brian on acronyms. What is the most famous acronym these days? Tell us – feedback@whatthecast.com
  • Caprica officially picked up. BSG: The Previous Generation

REPO: The Genetic Opera

  • We get the obvious “Repo Man” reference out of the way, with a nod to an old Alex Cox film called “Straight to Hell” (imagine a prequel to “Pulp Fiction” co-starring Courtney Love)
  • Crispy versus Brian in a organ repossession deathmatch. What did the movie do right? What went wrong?

Listener Feedback

  • Rachel wants a clause written for her based on “The Abyss”
  • Dubshack’s audio commentary on Harry Potter & Star Trek

Final Thoughts:

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