Episode 104: Michael Bay’s Oregon Trail


It’s our final episode before the holidays, and we have a lovely set of presents for you. We have GaFilk and Anachrocon and Chattacon for your conventioning pleasure, plus new Dragon*Con guests, including Cary Elwes. We got you two lost Doctor Who episodes that have been found and a Doctor Who free-to-play MMO.

For after-dinner entertainment, we pitted Mission Impossible 4 against Sherlock Holmes: A Game of ThronesShadows, and everyone wins! Crispy likes the G.I. Joe 2 trailer, much to everyone else’s bemusement. And if you look under the tree you’ll find a Middleman/Doctor Who crossover fanfic, a new Louis CK special that he’s selling un-DRMed, an evil Apples-to-Apples-like game called Cards Against Humanity, and Kim Jong Il re-imagined as a DJ.

While you’re celebrating, why not take a look at our shiny new Google+ page?

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