Episode 108: Patrick is the One With Taste


Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day weekend, WhatTheCast returns! Stephen was prophetic when he said he wouldn’t get around to editing it until mid-March!

The gang talk a lot about Kickstarter and the nifty things artists and creators are using it for. Ze Frank resurrected The Show, video game maker Double Fine resurrected adventure games, and the comic book Atomic Robo is getting a short animated film. (Since two of those three are already done, here, have Brian Fargo’s Kickstarter to create Wasteland 2.)

In TV Patrick talks about how awesome Community is (and, in keeping with the Kickstarter theme, did you know there’s a Kickstarter to actually create a show about Inspector SpacetimeA Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time?) and tries to convince Crispy and Stephen to watch it. We discuss Benedict Cumberbatch as the Master and pictures of him beating up on Spock, how Prometheus is being advertised through a fake TED talk from 2023, and how the Berenstain Bears books have often been banned.

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