Episode 113: The Stephen and Patrick Show


For the first time ever, Stephen and Patrick co-host an episode together! Stephen takes a break from playing with robot helicopters and Patrick pauses packing for his Magic trip to Barcelona to talk about geeky stuff.

In movies, there’s the Avengers, which managed to make $200 million its first weekend without either Stephen or Patrick seeing it. (We did talk about the physics of the Hulk’s jump and whether he’d break the concrete when he leaps into the air.) There are trailers galore, including for Dark Knight Rises (now with an Inception reunion of Joseph Gordon Levitt, Marion Cotillard and Tom Hardy) and Men in Black III (which has its own Baskin-Robbins flavor). We also learn who Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing in the upcoming Star Trek movie.

Speaking of Cumberbatch, Sherlock Series 2 has reached the US. Fringe continues to be awesome, and Patrick has broken down and started watching Doctor Who. I know! We’re as surprised as you are. If you haven’t seen what the Blu-ray transfers of Star Trek: The Next Generation look like, you’re in for a real treat, because they look great.

Speaking of looking great, take a look at these photos of people living off the grid. Be sure to see the last picture in the series.

By the way, did we mention that we were nominated for a Parsec award? Woo!

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