Episode 118: Rocket-Powered Hover Crane


It’s all science in this episode, given how excited Brian, Crispy and Stephen are about the Mars Science Laboratory (“please, call me Curiosity”) landing on Mars. The rover’s Twitter feed is excellent (the three NASA social media specialists behind it are doing a great job), the technology is cool, and there’s even a guy with a mohawk in Mission Control. Though if you like your Mars rovers a little more sassy, try Sarcastic Rover.

We do manage to squeeze in a few other topics, like Patrick Stewart cancelling his Dragon*Con appearance (boo!), how Olympic cycling could be from the movie Tron, and that Joss Whedon (or, as the internet likes to call him, “Josh Wheedon”) will be directing Avengers 2 and working on a TV series set in the Avengers universe. Please let it be about 3-D Man!

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