Episode 119: Live from Dragon*Con 2012


It’s our annual live episode from Dragon*Con, with Stephen, Brian and Crispy! This year was enlivened by our guest, Chris Gore. He’s on G4, he writes and produces movies, and he also runs a podcast where he crashes others’ podcasts. He was on WhatTheCast back in April, and he re-crashes our podcast in person!

This being Dragon*Con, we spend most of our time talking about cosplay. We touch lightly (and with trepidation) on Chris’s barely-there costume he donned for the Parsec Awards. We talk about how Dragon*Con has costumes from almost any fandom from any era, and discuss our favorite costumes of the con. Everyone imitates the Simpson’s Comic Book Guy, which is very impressive considering how rough and scratch our voices are after 72 hours of being at a convention.

If you’re looking for more Chris Gore, follow him on twitter at @thatchrisgore, not to mention @batchrisgore and @zombiechrisgore and @podcrashshow. The man has more Twitter accounts than we do!

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