Episode 128: Take That, Geek Culture


Crispy could only stay for part of this podcast, which may be why Stephen felt free to claim that geek culture isn’t really a thing. On the plus side, though, it leads Patrick to recommend the documentary Merchants of Cool, which you can watch online. Thanks, PBS!

There’s also a lot of videogame news all through the podcast. We remember Lucasarts, which Disney is shutting down, though our elegy isn’t as good as Tim Schafer’s. Speaking of Tim Schafer, his company has released information about their Kickstarted (Kickstartered?) adventure game, Broken Age. Patrick’s not down with these new-fangled games, though; he’s busy playing Nintendo games like Super Mario Brothers 3 and the truly terrible game Jaws. Not even Average Shark approves of the Jaws game.

In TV news, the 100th episode of Castle was fun, Arrested Development is almost here, and fuckin’ Game of Thrones is back, so be sure to check out this Game of Thrones infographic so you know who’s who.

Finally, we’re sad to note that Roger Ebert has died, and cancer’s going to kill awesome SF writer Iain M. Banks in a few months. If you’ve not read Banks’s stuff, try Player of Games or Use of Weapons.

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