Episode 129: Stephen Didn’t Post This Before Disney World


We didn’t mean to be gone so long, honest. It just…kind of happened. Look, it’s not you, it’s us. We’ve been off doing other things that aren’t nearly as fun as talking to you, but you know how it is when you get wrapped up–

Hey, hey, don’t cry! It’s okay! What if I told you that we saw Star Trek Into Darkness and only 16/19ths of us hated it? Rob Bricken did a good job of talking about its plot holes but we went further. Who else would kvetch about how they used gravity?

Oh! Oh! Then there’s Iron Man 3! 37/39ths of us hated that one, though we were kind of divided on how the movie dealt with the Mandarin. If only that movie had ended like this. We did love Fast & Furious 6, though. What other movie has a title that’s so honest and on-the-nose?

Doctor Who is also part of the marinade of hate we evidently were all soaking in during our hiatus. Stephen agrees with Charlie Jane Anders’s take on Moffat’s run as showrunner. At least the Red Wedding on Game of Thrones delivered all the delicious reactions you could hope for. (For more where that came from, check out @RedWeddingTears on Twitter.) The best reaction, though, came from GoT actress Maisie Williams herself.

Speaking of things we actually liked, Crispy’s excited about a Fables movie, Brian likes the Twivo app, and Patrick’s really been enjoying The Rook, by Daniel O’Malley. Futurama and Warehouse 13 have both taken it in the neck, and Crispy’s beloved Zero Hour will shortly be done. At least Community coming back, with Harmon once again in the driver’s seat.

While we were away, Stephen and Brian snuck off to be on other people’s podcasts. Brian was on Dan Carroll’s “Seriously Dan” podcast and on Earth Station One. Stephen will be on a future episode of the Libation Liberation Front.

That’s not enough? There’s also a discussion of the PopeHat blog and our favorite Jewel Staite GIF ever.

So relax. We’re back, and we’re never going to leave again. Most probably definitely.

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